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Need your acreage seeded with grass ?      Did the dog wreck your lawn ?  got dew worm lumps ?
is you old ratty lawn frustrating you ?    Accidentally killed you lawn with Round up ?
We can fix all of those problems and more.

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Alberta Turf & Grass Seeding Company
We specialize in all types of professional grass seeding methods for acreages,  homes,  sports fields and parks.

We also do industrial and commercial seeding jobs
for Utility Installation, Utility Construction,  Government, Oil & Gas,  City/Municipal, Land Developments etc .

alberta seeding eco grass Our company specializes in applying environmentally friendly practices and products to our grass and turf seeding operations.

We offer drill seeding
, mechanical seeding, hydroseeding, sod installation, old lawn restoration, horse pasture rejuvenation
and sports field turf installations.

We also do specialized weed control, land reclamation projects, utility construction scar repair, oil pipe line leak clean up, spill restoration/remediation and other needs for the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors in Alberta.

We specialize in larger acreages, parks, oil and gas facilities and other large commercial lawns in urban, rural or remote locations in south or central Alberta. We will also do residential home lots in most Alberta communities.

Our ENHANCED HYDROSEEDING process is vastly superior to standard hydroseeding. The process uses soil treatments, enriched nutrient meals and fibers with added natural growth factors and nutrients in place of cheaper wood fiber mulches that add no value toward making your grass grow. We get dramatically better results than regular hydroseeding at a reasonable cost. No chemicals or cheap fertilizers are used in The Enhanced Hydroseeding process unlike other "budget" or low cost hydroseeding applicators. Our company pioneered the Enhanced Hydroseeding process many years ago when we found budget type hydroseeding often produced terrible results in Alberta's dry clay soil and high altitude cooler, windy climate.

Standard hydroseeding uses wood fibre mulch which works great in many moister climates like the central USA and west coast. In Alberta this same wood fibre that is supposed to hold and conserve moisture around the grass seed acts like a wick in modest wind conditions and drier relative humidity. This "wicking" process actually serves to draw more moisture from the soil at a higher rate of loss. This is the reverse of what its supposed to do. The second part of the problem is the dry clay soils we have in Alberta that prevents moisture from penetrating deeply into the soil,  the clay holds the water near the surface where it can be wicked away. 

Clay Doctor Soil Treatment system for Clay soil problems
- if your property is cursed with heavy clay soil, we have the solution. Mistaya's proprietary Clay Soil Modifier system will change you hard pan, sticky clay soil into a softer more fertile loam.

The Clay Doctor process uses a site specific customized liquid mixture that can be applied or injected right through the surface of your lawn. Within days the soil underneath is transformed into a softer, looser more granular loam by a process know as ionization and granulation. The result creates a vigorous exchange of electrical charges in the soil/clay particles, effectively neutralizing the ability of the platelet to attract and bind water, elements, and molecules. The clay soils then behave more like a loamy soil after the treatment allowing much greater water penetration and water storage (drought resistance)

Our main operations areas in Alberta are Red Deer, Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, Dewinton, Millarville, Langdon, Chestermere, Olds, Sundre, Caroline, Didsbury, Airdrie and many other locations. We also service Edmonton, Leduc, St Albert, Wetaskiwin, Drayton Valley and areas. Other areas can be serviced by request.

We also provide Alberta and Federal government approved native grass, forage or wildflower seed blends for use in land reclamation, recreation areas and parks.

We also specialize in improving clay soils. Please read our articles on how to fix or improve clay soil, how to fix your old lawn and how to fix or renovate your horse pasture or yard damaged by dogs. improve drainage under or over your lawn or sod.

Ecologically friendly and Organic vegetation and mosquito control, weed control & eradication. Traditional vegetation weed control for dandelions and other lawn weeds. Effective non chemical Algae control for lakes and ponds.

New generation non-chemical weed control options are available.

Seeding and Soil Services Overview
Professional Mechanical & Drill Seeding

drill seeder
Why Drill  & Mechanical seeding is best ..
In Alberta our climate and predominant clay soil is not conducive to successful planting of grass seed by the surface seeding method.

Hand or surface seeding simply does not work, often more than 80% of the grass seed is killed by UV and drying effect. Grass seed needs to be covered.

Grass seed requires fairly constant temperatures (17c) and soil moisture for about 10 days in order to germinate. Our higher altitude and mostly windy conditions means grass seed exposed on the ground's surface will dry out, be killed by UV rays, be blown away or not germinate from being too cool/hot.

Its a tough job to keep surface seed watered in windy and hot weather as it can dry out and be killed in less than 2 -3 days with no moisture.

Clay soil has very poor moisture retention and contains a lot of sodium and calcium compounds which can literally cook the seed as its sits on the surface in pools of water or mud as it leaches these compounds to the surface during watering. This why you see a white crust on the soils surface within a few days of watering new open soil.

So, Bottom line, if you want a good lawn you need to have it seeded with equipment that buries the seed (mechanical or drill seeding) or covers it (like hydroseeding). lawns seeded by scattering seeds on the surface always turn out patchy and quickly become overrun with weeds. Mechanical and drill seeding equipment places the seed at the correct depth and cover and packs the soil over it completely covering and protecting it from wind, UV and large cold/hot temp swings that can stop germination.

Spreading seed on the surface and trying to rake it in or harrow into the soil is extremely inefficient. The raking and harrowing does not cover the seed well and drags into drifts and lines that grow in patchy (if at all) . The seed needs to between 1/4 and 1/2 inches deep, anything less it dries out and anything more than that is too deep and the seed will die.

The photos below show typical do it yourself surface seeding..The result is a nasty weedy lawn !
bad do it
                      yourself grass seeding job nasty lawn typical surface seeded

Standard Hydroseeding &
Enhanced Hydroseeding Services


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Innovative and experienced hydroseeding for residential lawns, commercial sites, parks, sports fields, soccer fields, schools and government applications in Alberta. We can seed grass into and on top off anything from open soil to existing lawns, pastures, sports fields and parks. We also do erosion control, land reclamation, soil work, turf and grass seeding and pipe line, oil & gas sites services in Alberta

Our Hydro seeding, Enhanced Hydroseeding and Hydromulching methods are done with exceptional care and we use a lot of organic additives and nutrients to insure high success rates. We have exceptional results with our programs.

Most lower cost hydroseeding is often done by very inexperienced applicators and done as cheaply as possible with patchy, thin results. Corners are cut to keep the cost down which saves you little in the end as you will have recurring weed infestations and slow patchy growth. Have it done right the first the first time and save your frustration.

Enhanced hydroseeding takes hydroseeding to a more advanced scientific level.

What is Enhanced Hydroseeding ? We have developed some new ways of hydroseeding using newly developed cutting edge biological materials to cope with Alberta's clay soil and dry, cool climate problems. We are in a particularly difficult area with regards to our heavy clay and alkaline soils as well as cooler temperatures.  These new techniques have been tested and proven with over a decade of success in Alberta. There are cost savings when the problems are addressed all at once as opposed to repeat treatments and ongoing programs. Many of these biological agents work best together in a synergistic fashion in a single application as opposed to being done piecemeal. 

Our Enhanced Hydroseeding program customizes each application to accommodate the specific problems on some sites. We are able to correct many soil issues and problems associated with poor lawn performance through this program as well. We can also hydroseed directly onto ground that has little or no soil in location where the option to bring in soil is cost prohibitive.

With Enhanced Hydroseeding the application mix is not simply an inert matrix (wood mulch adds no nutrient) that adds NO value to the soil, it is literally a stew of organic base materials and soil treatments that can repair, enhance and even replace the poor soil in your yard. The mixture is essentially a customized liquid soil and compost matrix, this mixture can permanently change the clay soil to a productive loam in a short period. The difference it can make to your lawn is nothing short of remarkable whether your yard is new or 40 years old with exhausted soil.

Old Lawn Renovation and Restoration
Turn your old ratty lawn into a new vibrant lawn

tired old lawn


In 3 weeks the new grass went nuts and is extremely thick, the areas you seeded are all a luscious green and thicker than they have ever been. To say I am happy is an understatement....
I would recommend you to anyone.
Clarence. P.  Calgary, Ab.

The neighbor across the street whose grass has been the envy of the neighborhood (the grass on drugs), stopped this week and commented that my grass is looking greener than his!  I couldn't be happier.

The grass seed has germinated, the thatch is breaking down and my once "skinny" lawn is beginning to fill out (finally!).  The east side has a green carpet that is filling in nicely.  Who knew (not my landscaper who said that grass rarely grows on the east side) !  Thanks so much!  If this is only the first three weeks, I can't wait to see the end result.  I look forward to the fall application. 

Janet H - Airdrie, Alberta


reno lawn
Before Renovation              After renovation

Got a bad lawn ?
- Is your current lawn old and tired looking ? sick turf ?  Is your lawn weed infested even though you apply weed and feed regularly ? Is your lawn lumpy and patchy looking ? is it filled with ants ? Dew worm lumps ? If your lawn has any of these symptoms your lawn is in need of a renovation or full restoration.

This process really works and there is no way to fix an older lawn with better results in this price range.

Do I have to dig up my old lawn and soil, haul it away and then buy new top soil and sod to replace my lawn ? The answer is NO, we can often fix it without that drastic procedure,  we work with the existing lawn and treat the soil underneath it without digging it up and replacing it.

Have you got fairy rings, mushrooms, fungal patches and mold in your lawn, we can fix that with a natural biological agent - works fast and very effective.

Works well and is affordable for almost any lawn.

Click here for more details on lawn restorations

Here are some before and after pictures of a 25 year + old lawn in Sunlake area of Calgary. As you can see the results are dramatic,

Note: There is a gigantic old spruce tree on the left that had killed the grass by robbing all the moisture and acidifying the soil, that problem is now non-existent after the soil treatments included in the renovation

old dying lawn
new restored lawn

Dog Damaged Lawns

sad dog

Specialists in repair and restoration of dog or pet urine damage to sod based lawns

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We can fully repair Doggy damage, yellow spots, urine spots and other versions of "the dog wrecked my lawn".

Find out here how we can fix even the worst dog damaged yards and dog urine spots. For seriously damaged yards an excellent solution is to have us replace your blue grass lawn with a blend of fescue grasses and micro clover which extremely dog resistant and easy to maintain with your pet. 

doggy damaged

Dog owners can now have a lush green yard again.

Tired of your fussy high maintenance
Kentucky Blue Grass sod based lawn 

We can convert it to a Eco Grass based lawn
Fescue lawns look and feel great, need a lot LESS watering, stay green in hot weather and stand up better to dog urine.

Eco Grass Conversions : Covert your high maintenance, water loving Kentucky Blue Grass ( KBG) sod based lawn to a lower maintenance Eco Grass lawn or mixed fescue/KBG lawn.

We can convert you existing KBG lawn to a mixed Eco Grass lawn using a number of different methods, some methods are more intensive and rapid and some as simple as overseeding. For old tired lawns we use the full lawn restoration process mentioned in the section above.

For newer lawns where the home owner has a decent sod based lawn but wishes to lower the overall maintenance requirements, water needs or be able to stand up to dog's in the yard,  we have some alternate methods to repopulate the existing KBG lawn with a variety of Fescue and rye grass based seed blends that make it more Eco-friendly.

Killed your lawn with Round-Up ?
We can fix that !!!

roundup killed lawn

round up
Round Up is a wonderful thing when you need to terminate weeds with extreme prejudice ...

However its kills grass very effectively as well if you make a mistake by confusing it with other broad leaf specific only weed killers. If you applied it well, the result can be a totally dead lawn that needs to be replaced.

Every year many home owners in the battle against weeds mistakes a non selective weed killer like Round Up, Total Wipe Out or Touchdown for a broad leaf specific weed killer with the results being a DEAD lawn.

This is a nightmare for a home owner to fix in Alberta's dry climate and high altitude because simply trying to overseed into the dead grass is not effective and most of the seed will die. The seed needs to be put INTO the soil or completely covered.

Attempting to dig out the old lawn or roto till the dead sod under is a huge job and requires a lot of work to complete. If you are having it done by a landscaper you can expect a bill in the many thousands of dollars.  The old sod is tough to break down as tillers cannot chop the root mass up fine enough to make a nice lump and bump free lawn surface.

Specialized Equipment

We have specialized equipment designed to deal with this specific scenario with good results.

We have units that can cut into and seed directly in the soil underneath the dead sod once the area has been prepared or overlay the dead turf with a new layer of seed and soil/compost matrix.

Contact us to discuss your options

What can Clay Doctor do for you ?

it can fix your ugly clay soil problems under your lawn or in your garden.

hard pan clay soil

Hard pan alkali clay soil common in Alberta

before clay treatment

Lawn before and after Clay Doctor soil treatment

Clay soil can make lawn care and gardening absolute hell.

If you need your clay based soil treated for planting grass whether in a
new yard or an old yard, We can turn that hard, lumpy concrete like soil into a softer loam using our state-of-the-art clay soil treatment process.

The Clay Doctor program fixes compacted clay soil right under your old ratty lawn with one application. The soil under the lawn is softer and holds more water immediately.

New sod lawns can be treated AFTER the sod is installed.

The Clay Doctor Soil Modifier process is the ideal way to fix older exhausted lawns with poor soil. Soil Fertility is increased almost immediately without addition of chemical fertilizers due to electrical (cation exchange) unlocking action that occurs during the Clay Doctor process. Both the lawn and all the trees in the yard will benefit from the changes.

This treatment is generally a one time application, once the soil has been modified, it does not change back to sticky tight clay again unless it has been watered with high sodium or high calcium water (usually from a well).

Reapplying a light treatment every 5 or 6 years is recommended in problem areas to keep the soil from naturally compacting.

Click here for more information on Clay Doctor soil modifier treatments

Utility Line Installation Finishing and Repair

utility trench

Soil finishing and seeding of utility line installation scars is our specialty

Alberta Seeding does contract work for Utility Installation companies where proper finishing of  installed utilities is required in Urban, Suburban and acreage properties .

Services include soil finishing,  seed bed prep and final seeding with turf, natural grass/plants or crops.

installion scar repair
This utility installation scar repair was done correctly and the old installation trench scar is nearly invisible.
Properly finished utility trench scars should not be noticeable if done correctly.

For many utility installers this is a problem area as it does require specialized equipment and knowledge to get good results.

Trying to cover a utility trench by back blading , running a harrow over it and surface seeding with an ATV and cyclone fertilizer spreader will leave a patchy, weedy scar that is very noticeable. Homeowner's often complain about it this requiring a return visit to repair which in turn costs extra. Do it right the first time and save the aggravation .

Alberta Turf And Grass Seeding
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